Creature Design 2 – Indecision

A creature design for indecision. It has three heads which each shout different responses until the victim is overwhelmed and cannot make a decision.

Creature Design 1 – Anxiety

A design for Anxiety. It covers its face with a mask out of fright of being recognised, a mask designed to look like a vulture’s…


Carrion – Mistress of Flesh. She received the short end of the stick with mutations in her world; while others received wings or claws, her…


Fester is the Queen of vultures. She can summon and freely manipulate them. She became half vulture as a result of experimentation, which gave her…

Dragon Slug

A dragon mixed with a slug. What more could you want?

Shark Mermaid

A design for a shark mermaid. Created in Procreate for the iPad.

Alien Cattle

A design for alien cattle. Maybe something did happen with all those cows that were accidentally abducted?

Radiant – Light Bringer

Radiant is the light hero. She will rain love and life upon her allies and destruction upon her enemies.

Ghost Deer

Two spirit deer find solace in death which they could not find in life.